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Whoever said never judge a book by its cover has clearly never shopped the Kindle Store. Don’t let your readers be put off by a bang average cover.

We will work with you to provide a full service package for your next book that will include branding that goes way beyond the book. Check out our price list and get in contact to discuss in more detail. 

We only offer two full design packages per month, so make sure you schedule your design in advance.


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These days you can’t just buy a cover, slap it up on Amazon and run away. Well, you can, but you’ll likely disappear as fast as Dennis Nedry’s shaving can full of embryos disappeared into the mud while he was getting his face eaten off by badass dinosaurs. Go dinos! Hollow Stone Services offers cover design packages that work to give you all the assets you need for your book to really shine.

Cover Design

Obviously, the cover is the thing. We will work with you to design a cover that will sing to your intended audience, with a full review of your genre’s tropes before any work is undergone, a proposal, and tweaks to the final cover to make sure you’re happy.

Beyond the book

Because we know you’ll need more than just a cover, we’ll provide you with a package of additional image assets that will include: Social sharing images, ad images for Facebook and Bookbub ads, and branded header images for your socials. Available separately or included in the full design package.

Premade Covers

If you don’t fancy going down the full-design route, check out our range of pre-made covers for the more budget conscious author. Various packages available, so you don’t miss out on the full Hollow Stone experience. Check out the available range.

Cover Extras

Sure, an ebook cover is nice and all, but you’ve bought a bunch of ISBN’s and they’re burning a hole in your pocket. Don’t fear, we can provide individualised wraparound covers for use on D2D print, Amazon, and Ingram. We’ll also provide an audiobook cover that’s not just a squashed monstrosity.




Before you splash the cash, why not check out some of the covers we’ve already made?


Ready to start your cover design journey? Send us a mail now.

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