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Whether you’re looking for a new book cover, a fresh lick of paint for your website, a sweet sweet interior for your print book, or video trailers for your next bestseller, Hollow Stone Services has you covered.

Covered, you see, like a book cover… no? Okay, no more puns, just excellent design.


What we do

Hollow Stone Services is run by authors, for authors. We understand the specific requirements you need to bring your author game to the next level.

Cover Design

Gorgeous covers designed to delight both you and your ideal reader. A package to suit you, including print-on-demand wraparounds and audiobook covers.

Premade Covers

Check out our range of pre-made covers for the more budget conscious author. Various packages available.

Web Development

Whatever your level of tech, we can work with you to provide a stunning website, and help you set up all the tricks you want, whether it’s a basic blog with a mailing list sign-up to selling books direct from your site.


Want a cool trailer to your book, optimised for sharing across all the social media channels your readers want to find you? We can provide!

General Design

Need a killer ad image? Or a batch of images to promote your book? Maybe you just want to tie your author brand together? We can help you with services that will fit your needs.

And more besides...

Whether it’s book formatting, audiobook narration, or you just want us to stand outside your house with a boombox blaring Peter Gabriel, we’re here to help

Author Audit

You know something’s off, but you’re not sure what. Why not have us take a look and provide you with a full list of actionable improvements you can make that will up your author level.





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